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RMGR Newsletter

G-Gauge Gnus
Editor: Ross Crain, Bx 29 Site 3 RR 2, Rocky Mountain House, AB, T0M 1T0
phone: 403-845-2527 email:

Spring 1996

President's Corner
HOWDY! - and welcome to the first edition of the G-Gauge Gnus, the first official publication of the RMGRS. Have you noticed all the free (my favorite price) railway ballast laying around the streets? One good four-way stop intersection could yield a lifetime supply. The added bonuses are the public service (you're such a nice guy) and fewer paint chips on your car. You already own the pail and shovel, so all you need is a bit of energy and a supervisor to watch you work (and protect you from traffic). DO NOT send the kids out to do this. There hasn't been much rain, so wash the salt out before installing the free bakkast in your garden. See you at the summer backyard get-togethers!

Rick Lee

At the shows we attend, the most asked question is "What scale is this?" That's not easy to answer, since anything from 1:12 to 1:32 scale equipment can be intermingled on G-Gauge track. G-Gauge track is still called Number 1 Gauge in most of the world.

Number 1 Scale is 1:32 ratio and represents standard gauge equipment on Gauge 1 track. Some manufacturer's make 1:29 scale equipment, again representing standard gauge and others make 1:24, 1:22.5, and 1:20.3 scales to represent narrow gauge equipment on Gauge 1 track. Most modellers don't mind the minor errors in track gauge that ensues.

The same box car or flat car may be offered by a manufacturer for both standard gauge and narrow gauge. A model of a 40 foot standard gauge box car at 1:32 scale is the same physical size as a 30 foot narrow gauge car at 1:24 scale. This is called Crain's 3/4 Rule and applies to many other scales that use the same track for two different scales (HOn2.5 and N scales for example).

The 3/4 Rule is good for us, since it keeps the equipment prices down. But it's confusing for visitors and hard to explain in a short visit. If you're not worried by the fine detail, you can say "It's about 4 times the size of HO and twice the size of O scale." Most visitors understand.

Ross Crain

Products of Interest
Enclosed are a couple of interesting items that came our way. We don't intend to endorse any product or supplier, but neither of these is widely sdvertized. If you know of any (thin) flyers that might be useful to RMGRS members, let the editor know. We can mail 5 sheets of paper for the price of 1.

RMGRS Coming Events
  • 23-28 Apr 96 GR Convention, Orlando, FL - too far, too busy, too hot, any other dumb excuses?

  • 04 May 96 1 pm Open house in Bill and Gladys Walter's backyard - scratch building tips.

  • 18-20 May 96 Edmonton Train Show - tours and displays (RMGRS will not have a layout).

  • 25-26 May 96 Irricana Train & Toy Show - RMGRS layout setup on 24 May. Everyone welcome.

  • 02 Jun 96 1 pm Open house in Irv and Shirley Jalving's backyard, real rocks and plants.

  • 08-09 Jun 96 Big Train Show, Long Beach, CA - anyone going? Bring back new peoduct flyers!

  • 15-16 Jun 96 Heritage Park Railway Days - full size live steam double header, models, food, fun for the whole family.

  • 22 Jun 96 1 pm Open House at Dave Brown's backyard - track planning and BBQ.

  • 02-05 Aug 96 G-Gauge Daze 2nd Annual Campout and Picnic at Ross Crain's (ask for map). Visit for short time or stay a night or two or three. Nearby hiking, fishing, boating, Historic Park, circle tour to Jasper or Banff. BYOB.

  • TBA Open House in Randy and Lynn Baldwin's backyard.

    If you would like to annouce an open house for RMGRS members, call the editor. There will be more newsletters (summer, fall, winter).

    NOTE: Openhouse and campout events are for RMGRS members, potential members and invited guests. RSVP to the host is appreciated before the event. Phone numbers and addresses of members are on the back of this newsletter. Other events listed are open to the public and are presented here as a service to members and friends.

    RMGRS Contest
    Identify the kids and old timers in the photos on the back of this newsletter and win an LGB Mogul with sound. Contest sponsored by Tomfoolery Toys manageress April Lundgren.

    RMGRS Memberships Open
    To become a member, call Rick Lee at 276-3185. At the moment, there are no dues and few formal meetings. The only requirement for membership is an interest in Large Scale trains.

    Contributing to The G-Gauge Gnus
    Your contributions are welcome. Interesting comments, editorials, tips & tricks, clear photos or plans, new product news, inportant dates to remember, cartoons - everything that fits on a one page newsletter will be printed in the order received.

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